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High-Fidelity 3D GAN Inversion by Pseudo-Multi-View Optimization

Jiaxin Xie · Hao Ouyang · Jingtan Piao · Chenyang Lei · Qifeng Chen

West Building Exhibit Halls ABC 031


We present a high-fidelity 3D generative adversarial network (GAN) inversion framework that can synthesize photo-realistic novel views while preserving specific details of the input image. High-fidelity 3D GAN inversion is inherently challenging due to the geometry-texture trade-off, where overfitting to a single view input image often damages the estimated geometry during the latent optimization. To solve this challenge, we propose a novel pipeline that builds on the pseudo-multi-view estimation with visibility analysis. We keep the original textures for the visible parts and utilize generative priors for the occluded parts. Extensive experiments show that our approach achieves advantageous reconstruction and novel view synthesis quality over prior work, even for images with out-of-distribution textures. The proposed pipeline also enables image attribute editing with the inverted latent code and 3D-aware texture modification. Our approach enables high-fidelity 3D rendering from a single image, which is promising for various applications of AI-generated 3D content. The source code is at

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