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Raw Image Reconstruction With Learned Compact Metadata

Yufei Wang · Yi Yu · Wenhan Yang · Lanqing Guo · Lap-Pui Chau · Alex C. Kot · Bihan Wen

West Building Exhibit Halls ABC 165


While raw images exhibit advantages over sRGB images (e.g. linearity and fine-grained quantization level), they are not widely used by common users due to the large storage requirements. Very recent works propose to compress raw images by designing the sampling masks in the raw image pixel space, leading to suboptimal image representations and redundant metadata. In this paper, we propose a novel framework to learn a compact representation in the latent space serving as the metadata in an end-to-end manner. Furthermore, we propose a novel sRGB-guided context model with the improved entropy estimation strategies, which leads to better reconstruction quality, smaller size of metadata, and faster speed. We illustrate how the proposed raw image compression scheme can adaptively allocate more bits to image regions that are important from a global perspective. The experimental results show that the proposed method can achieve superior raw image reconstruction results using a smaller size of the metadata on both uncompressed sRGB images and JPEG images.

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