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End-to-End 3D Dense Captioning With Vote2Cap-DETR

Sijin Chen · Hongyuan Zhu · Xin Chen · Yinjie Lei · Gang Yu · Tao Chen

West Building Exhibit Halls ABC 275


3D dense captioning aims to generate multiple captions localized with their associated object regions. Existing methods follow a sophisticated “detect-then-describe” pipeline equipped with numerous hand-crafted components. However, these hand-crafted components would yield suboptimal performance given cluttered object spatial and class distributions among different scenes. In this paper, we propose a simple-yet-effective transformer framework Vote2Cap-DETR based on recent popular DEtection TRansformer (DETR). Compared with prior arts, our framework has several appealing advantages: 1) Without resorting to numerous hand-crafted components, our method is based on a full transformer encoder-decoder architecture with a learnable vote query driven object decoder, and a caption decoder that produces the dense captions in a set-prediction manner. 2) In contrast to the two-stage scheme, our method can perform detection and captioning in one-stage. 3) Without bells and whistles, extensive experiments on two commonly used datasets, ScanRefer and Nr3D, demonstrate that our Vote2Cap-DETR surpasses current state-of-the-arts by 11.13% and 7.11% in CIDEr@0.5IoU, respectively. Codes will be released soon.

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