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RefSR-NeRF: Towards High Fidelity and Super Resolution View Synthesis

Xudong Huang · Wei Li · Jie Hu · Hanting Chen · Yunhe Wang

West Building Exhibit Halls ABC 002


We present Reference-guided Super-Resolution Neural Radiance Field (RefSR-NeRF) that extends NeRF to super resolution and photorealistic novel view synthesis. Despite NeRF’s extraordinary success in the neural rendering field, it suffers from blur in high resolution rendering because its inherent multilayer perceptron struggles to learn high frequency details and incurs a computational explosion as resolution increases. Therefore, we propose RefSR-NeRF, an end-to-end framework that first learns a low resolution NeRF representation, and then reconstructs the high frequency details with the help of a high resolution reference image. We observe that simply introducing the pre-trained models from the literature tends to produce unsatisfied artifacts due to the divergence in the degradation model. To this end, we design a novel lightweight RefSR model to learn the inverse degradation process from NeRF renderings to target HR ones. Extensive experiments on multiple benchmarks demonstrate that our method exhibits an impressive trade-off among rendering quality, speed, and memory usage, outperforming or on par with NeRF and its variants while being 52× speedup with minor extra memory usage.

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