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DeltaEdit: Exploring Text-Free Training for Text-Driven Image Manipulation

Yueming Lyu · Tianwei Lin · Fu Li · Dongliang He · Jing Dong · Tieniu Tan

West Building Exhibit Halls ABC 264


Text-driven image manipulation remains challenging in training or inference flexibility. Conditional generative models depend heavily on expensive annotated training data. Meanwhile, recent frameworks, which leverage pre-trained vision-language models, are limited by either per text-prompt optimization or inference-time hyper-parameters tuning. In this work, we propose a novel framework named DeltaEdit to address these problems. Our key idea is to investigate and identify a space, namely delta image and text space that has well-aligned distribution between CLIP visual feature differences of two images and CLIP textual embedding differences of source and target texts. Based on the CLIP delta space, the DeltaEdit network is designed to map the CLIP visual features differences to the editing directions of StyleGAN at training phase. Then, in inference phase, DeltaEdit predicts the StyleGAN’s editing directions from the differences of the CLIP textual features. In this way, DeltaEdit is trained in a text-free manner. Once trained, it can well generalize to various text prompts for zero-shot inference without bells and whistles. Extensive experiments verify that our method achieves competitive performances with other state-of-the-arts, meanwhile with much better flexibility in both training and inference. Code is available at

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