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Ref-NPR: Reference-Based Non-Photorealistic Radiance Fields for Controllable Scene Stylization

Yuechen Zhang · Zexin He · Jinbo Xing · Xufeng Yao · Jiaya Jia

West Building Exhibit Halls ABC 011


Current 3D scene stylization methods transfer textures and colors as styles using arbitrary style references, lacking meaningful semantic correspondences. We introduce Reference-Based Non-Photorealistic Radiance Fields (Ref-NPR) to address this limitation. This controllable method stylizes a 3D scene using radiance fields with a single stylized 2D view as a reference. We propose a ray registration process based on the stylized reference view to obtain pseudo-ray supervision in novel views. Then we exploit semantic correspondences in content images to fill occluded regions with perceptually similar styles, resulting in non-photorealistic and continuous novel view sequences. Our experimental results demonstrate that Ref-NPR outperforms existing scene and video stylization methods regarding visual quality and semantic correspondence. The code and data are publicly available on the project page at

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