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CelebV-Text: A Large-Scale Facial Text-Video Dataset

Jianhui Yu · Hao Zhu · Liming Jiang · Chen Change Loy · Weidong Cai · Wayne Wu

West Building Exhibit Halls ABC 234


Text-driven generation models are flourishing in video generation and editing. However, face-centric text-to-video generation remains a challenge due to the lack of a suitable dataset containing high-quality videos and highly relevant texts. This paper presents CelebV-Text, a large-scale, diverse, and high-quality dataset of facial text-video pairs, to facilitate research on facial text-to-video generation tasks. CelebV-Text comprises 70,000 in-the-wild face video clips with diverse visual content, each paired with 20 texts generated using the proposed semi-automatic text generation strategy. The provided texts are of high quality, describing both static and dynamic attributes precisely. The superiority of CelebV-Text over other datasets is demonstrated via comprehensive statistical analysis of the videos, texts, and text-video relevance. The effectiveness and potential of CelebV-Text are further shown through extensive self-evaluation. A benchmark is constructed with representative methods to standardize the evaluation of the facial text-to-video generation task. All data and models are publicly available.

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