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FaceLit: Neural 3D Relightable Faces

Anurag Ranjan · Kwang Moo Yi · Jen-Hao Rick Chang · Oncel Tuzel

West Building Exhibit Halls ABC 038


We propose a generative framework, FaceLit, capable of generating a 3D face that can be rendered at various user-defined lighting conditions and views, learned purely from 2D images in-the-wild without any manual annotation. Unlike existing works that require careful capture setup or human labor, we rely on off-the-shelf pose and illumination estimators. With these estimates, we incorporate the Phong reflectance model in the neural volume rendering framework. Our model learns to generate shape and material properties of a face such that, when rendered according to the natural statistics of pose and illumination, produces photorealistic face images with multiview 3D and illumination consistency. Our method enables photorealistic generation of faces with explicit illumination and view controls on multiple datasets -- FFHQ, MetFaces and CelebA-HQ. We show state-of-the-art photorealism among 3D aware GANs on FFHQ dataset achieving an FID score of 3.5.

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