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Unified Pose Sequence Modeling

Lin Geng Foo · Tianjiao Li · Hossein Rahmani · Qiuhong Ke · Jun Liu

West Building Exhibit Halls ABC 063


We propose a Unified Pose Sequence Modeling approach to unify heterogeneous human behavior understanding tasks based on pose data, e.g., action recognition, 3D pose estimation and 3D early action prediction. A major obstacle is that different pose-based tasks require different output data formats. Specifically, the action recognition and prediction tasks require class predictions as outputs, while 3D pose estimation requires a human pose output, which limits existing methods to leverage task-specific network architectures for each task. Hence, in this paper, we propose a novel Unified Pose Sequence (UPS) model to unify heterogeneous output formats for the aforementioned tasks by considering text-based action labels and coordinate-based human poses as language sequences. Then, by optimizing a single auto-regressive transformer, we can obtain a unified output sequence that can handle all the aforementioned tasks. Moreover, to avoid the interference brought by the heterogeneity between different tasks, a dynamic routing mechanism is also proposed to empower our UPS with the ability to learn which subsets of parameters should be shared among different tasks. To evaluate the efficacy of the proposed UPS, extensive experiments are conducted on four different tasks with four popular behavior understanding benchmarks.

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