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Continual Semantic Segmentation With Automatic Memory Sample Selection

Lanyun Zhu · Tianrun Chen · Jianxiong Yin · Simon See · Jun Liu

West Building Exhibit Halls ABC 293


Continual Semantic Segmentation (CSS) extends static semantic segmentation by incrementally introducing new classes for training. To alleviate the catastrophic forgetting issue in CSS, a memory buffer that stores a small number of samples from the previous classes is constructed for replay. However, existing methods select the memory samples either randomly or based on a single-factor-driven hand-crafted strategy, which has no guarantee to be optimal. In this work, we propose a novel memory sample selection mechanism that selects informative samples for effective replay in a fully automatic way by considering comprehensive factors including sample diversity and class performance. Our mechanism regards the selection operation as a decision-making process and learns an optimal selection policy that directly maximizes the validation performance on a reward set. To facilitate the selection decision, we design a novel state representation and a dual-stage action space. Our extensive experiments on Pascal-VOC 2012 and ADE 20K datasets demonstrate the effectiveness of our approach with state-of-the-art (SOTA) performance achieved, outperforming the second-place one by 12.54% for the 6-stage setting on Pascal-VOC 2012.

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