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Visual Atoms: Pre-Training Vision Transformers With Sinusoidal Waves

Sora Takashima · Ryo Hayamizu · Nakamasa Inoue · Hirokatsu Kataoka · Rio Yokota

West Building Exhibit Halls ABC 201


Formula-driven supervised learning (FDSL) has been shown to be an effective method for pre-training vision transformers, where ExFractalDB-21k was shown to exceed the pre-training effect of ImageNet-21k. These studies also indicate that contours mattered more than textures when pre-training vision transformers. However, the lack of a systematic investigation as to why these contour-oriented synthetic datasets can achieve the same accuracy as real datasets leaves much room for skepticism. In the present work, we develop a novel methodology based on circular harmonics for systematically investigating the design space of contour-oriented synthetic datasets. This allows us to efficiently search the optimal range of FDSL parameters and maximize the variety of synthetic images in the dataset, which we found to be a critical factor. When the resulting new dataset VisualAtom-21k is used for pre-training ViT-Base, the top-1 accuracy reached 83.7% when fine-tuning on ImageNet-1k. This is only 0.5% difference from the top-1 accuracy (84.2%) achieved by the JFT-300M pre-training, even though the scale of images is 1/14. Unlike JFT-300M which is a static dataset, the quality of synthetic datasets will continue to improve, and the current work is a testament to this possibility. FDSL is also free of the common issues associated with real images, e.g. privacy/copyright issues, labeling costs/errors, and ethical biases.

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