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Context-Aware Alignment and Mutual Masking for 3D-Language Pre-Training

Zhao Jin · Munawar Hayat · Yuwei Yang · Yulan Guo · Yinjie Lei

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3D visual language reasoning plays an important role in effective human-computer interaction. The current approaches for 3D visual reasoning are task-specific, and lack pre-training methods to learn generic representations that can transfer across various tasks. Despite the encouraging progress in vision-language pre-training for image-text data, 3D-language pre-training is still an open issue due to limited 3D-language paired data, highly sparse and irregular structure of point clouds and ambiguities in spatial relations of 3D objects with viewpoint changes. In this paper, we present a generic 3D-language pre-training approach, that tackles multiple facets of 3D-language reasoning by learning universal representations. Our learning objective constitutes two main parts. 1) Context aware spatial-semantic alignment to establish fine-grained correspondence between point clouds and texts. It reduces relational ambiguities by aligning 3D spatial relationships with textual semantic context. 2) Mutual 3D-Language Masked modeling to enable cross-modality information exchange. Instead of reconstructing sparse 3D points for which language can hardly provide cues, we propose masked proposal reasoning to learn semantic class and mask-invariant representations. Our proposed 3D-language pre-training method achieves promising results once adapted to various downstream tasks, including 3D visual grounding, 3D dense captioning and 3D question answering. Our codes are available at

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