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Event-Based Blurry Frame Interpolation Under Blind Exposure

Wenming Weng · Yueyi Zhang · Zhiwei Xiong

West Building Exhibit Halls ABC 151


Restoring sharp high frame-rate videos from low frame-rate blurry videos is a challenging problem. Existing blurry frame interpolation methods assume a predefined and known exposure time, which suffer from severe performance drop when applied to videos captured in the wild. In this paper, we study the problem of blurry frame interpolation under blind exposure with the assistance of an event camera. The high temporal resolution of the event camera is beneficial to obtain the exposure prior that is lost during the imaging process. Besides, sharp frames can be restored using event streams and blurry frames relying on the mutual constraint among them. Therefore, we first propose an exposure estimation strategy guided by event streams to estimate the lost exposure prior, transforming the blind exposure problem well-posed. Second, we propose to model the mutual constraint with a temporal-exposure control strategy through iterative residual learning. Our blurry frame interpolation method achieves a distinct performance boost over existing methods on both synthetic and self-collected real-world datasets under blind exposure.

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