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High-Fidelity Event-Radiance Recovery via Transient Event Frequency

Jin Han · Yuta Asano · Boxin Shi · Yinqiang Zheng · Imari Sato

West Building Exhibit Halls ABC 001


High-fidelity radiance recovery plays a crucial role in scene information reconstruction and understanding. Conventional cameras suffer from limited sensitivity in dynamic range, bit depth, and spectral response, etc. In this paper, we propose to use event cameras with bio-inspired silicon sensors, which are sensitive to radiance changes, to recover precise radiance values. We reveal that, under active lighting conditions, the transient frequency of event signals triggering linearly reflects the radiance value. We propose an innovative method to convert the high temporal resolution of event signals into precise radiance values. The precise radiance values yields several capabilities in image analysis. We demonstrate the feasibility of recovering radiance values solely from the transient event frequency (TEF) through multiple experiments.

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