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Mobile User Interface Element Detection via Adaptively Prompt Tuning

Zhangxuan Gu · Zhuoer Xu · Haoxing Chen · Jun Lan · Changhua Meng · Weiqiang Wang

West Building Exhibit Halls ABC 278


Recent object detection approaches rely on pretrained vision-language models for image-text alignment. However, they fail to detect the Mobile User Interface (MUI) element since it contains additional OCR information, which describes its content and function but is often ignored. In this paper, we develop a new MUI element detection dataset named MUI-zh and propose an Adaptively Prompt Tuning (APT) module to take advantage of discriminating OCR information. APT is a lightweight and effective module to jointly optimize category prompts across different modalities. For every element, APT uniformly encodes its visual features and OCR descriptions to dynamically adjust the representation of frozen category prompts. We evaluate the effectiveness of our plug-and-play APT upon several existing CLIP-based detectors for both standard and open-vocabulary MUI element detection. Extensive experiments show that our method achieves considerable improvements on two datasets. The datasets is available at

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