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Deep Graph Reprogramming

Yongcheng Jing · Chongbin Yuan · Li Ju · Yiding Yang · Xinchao Wang · Dacheng Tao

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In this paper, we explore a novel model reusing task tailored for graph neural networks (GNNs), termed as “deep graph reprogramming”. We strive to reprogram a pre-trained GNN, without amending raw node features nor model parameters, to handle a bunch of cross-level downstream tasks in various domains. To this end, we propose an innovative Data Reprogramming paradigm alongside a Model Reprogramming paradigm. The former one aims to address the challenge of diversified graph feature dimensions for various tasks on the input side, while the latter alleviates the dilemma of fixed per-task-per-model behavior on the model side. For data reprogramming, we specifically devise an elaborated Meta-FeatPadding method to deal with heterogeneous input dimensions, and also develop a transductive Edge-Slimming as well as an inductive Meta-GraPadding approach for diverse homogenous samples. Meanwhile, for model reprogramming, we propose a novel task-adaptive Reprogrammable-Aggregator, to endow the frozen model with larger expressive capacities in handling cross-domain tasks. Experiments on fourteen datasets across node/graph classification/regression, 3D object recognition, and distributed action recognition, demonstrate that the proposed methods yield gratifying results, on par with those by re-training from scratch.

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