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Unsupervised Domain Adaption With Pixel-Level Discriminator for Image-Aware Layout Generation

Chenchen Xu · Min Zhou · Tiezheng Ge · Yuning Jiang · Weiwei Xu

West Building Exhibit Halls ABC 180


Layout is essential for graphic design and poster generation. Recently, applying deep learning models to generate layouts has attracted increasing attention. This paper focuses on using the GAN-based model conditioned on image contents to generate advertising poster graphic layouts, which requires an advertising poster layout dataset with paired product images and graphic layouts. However, the paired images and layouts in the existing dataset are collected by inpainting and annotating posters, respectively. There exists a domain gap between inpainted posters (source domain data) and clean product images (target domain data). Therefore, this paper combines unsupervised domain adaption techniques to design a GAN with a novel pixel-level discriminator (PD), called PDA-GAN, to generate graphic layouts according to image contents. The PD is connected to the shallow level feature map and computes the GAN loss for each input-image pixel. Both quantitative and qualitative evaluations demonstrate that PDA-GAN can achieve state-of-the-art performances and generate high-quality image-aware graphic layouts for advertising posters.

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