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One-Shot High-Fidelity Talking-Head Synthesis With Deformable Neural Radiance Field

Weichuang Li · Longhao Zhang · Dong Wang · Bin Zhao · Zhigang Wang · Mulin Chen · Bang Zhang · Zhongjian Wang · Liefeng Bo · Xuelong Li

West Building Exhibit Halls ABC 142


Talking head generation aims to generate faces that maintain the identity information of the source image and imitate the motion of the driving image. Most pioneering methods rely primarily on 2D representations and thus will inevitably suffer from face distortion when large head rotations are encountered. Recent works instead employ explicit 3D structural representations or implicit neural rendering to improve performance under large pose changes. Nevertheless, the fidelity of identity and expression is not so desirable, especially for novel-view synthesis. In this paper, we propose HiDe-NeRF, which achieves high-fidelity and free-view talking-head synthesis. Drawing on the recently proposed Deformable Neural Radiance Fields, HiDe-NeRF represents the 3D dynamic scene into a canonical appearance field and an implicit deformation field, where the former comprises the canonical source face and the latter models the driving pose and expression. In particular, we improve fidelity from two aspects: (i) to enhance identity expressiveness, we design a generalized appearance module that leverages multi-scale volume features to preserve face shape and details; (ii) to improve expression preciseness, we propose a lightweight deformation module that explicitly decouples the pose and expression to enable precise expression modeling. Extensive experiments demonstrate that our proposed approach can generate better results than previous works. Project page:

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