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Quantitative Manipulation of Custom Attributes on 3D-Aware Image Synthesis

Hoseok Do · EunKyung Yoo · Taehyeong Kim · Chul Lee · Jin Young Choi

West Building Exhibit Halls ABC 029


While 3D-based GAN techniques have been successfully applied to render photo-realistic 3D images with a variety of attributes while preserving view consistency, there has been little research on how to fine-control 3D images without limiting to a specific category of objects of their properties. To fill such research gap, we propose a novel image manipulation model of 3D-based GAN representations for a fine-grained control of specific custom attributes. By extending the latest 3D-based GAN models (e.g., EG3D), our user-friendly quantitative manipulation model enables a fine yet normalized control of 3D manipulation of multi-attribute quantities while achieving view consistency. We validate the effectiveness of our proposed technique both qualitatively and quantitatively through various experiments.

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