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DNF: Decouple and Feedback Network for Seeing in the Dark

Xin Jin · Ling-Hao Han · Zhen Li · Chun-Le Guo · Zhi Chai · Chongyi Li

West Building Exhibit Halls ABC 158
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The exclusive properties of RAW data have shown great potential for low-light image enhancement. Nevertheless, the performance is bottlenecked by the inherent limitations of existing architectures in both single-stage and multi-stage methods. Mixed mapping across two different domains, noise-to-clean and RAW-to-sRGB, misleads the single-stage methods due to the domain ambiguity. The multi-stage methods propagate the information merely through the resulting image of each stage, neglecting the abundant features in the lossy image-level dataflow. In this paper, we probe a generalized solution to these bottlenecks and propose a Decouple aNd Feedback framework, abbreviated as DNF. To mitigate the domain ambiguity, domainspecific subtasks are decoupled, along with fully utilizing the unique properties in RAW and sRGB domains. The feature propagation across stages with a feedback mechanism avoids the information loss caused by image-level dataflow. The two key insights of our method resolve the inherent limitations of RAW data-based low-light image enhancement satisfactorily, empowering our method to outperform the previous state-of-the-art method by a large margin with only 19% parameters, achieving 0.97dB and 1.30dB PSNR improvements on the Sony and Fuji subsets of SID.

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