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DynaMask: Dynamic Mask Selection for Instance Segmentation

Ruihuang Li · Chenhang He · Shuai Li · Yabin Zhang · Lei Zhang

West Building Exhibit Halls ABC 290


The representative instance segmentation methods mostly segment different object instances with a mask of the fixed resolution, e.g., 28× 28 grid. However, a low-resolution mask loses rich details, while a high-resolution mask incurs quadratic computation overhead. It is a challenging task to predict the optimal binary mask for each instance. In this paper, we propose to dynamically select suitable masks for different object proposals. First, a dual-level Feature Pyramid Network (FPN) with adaptive feature aggregation is developed to gradually increase the mask grid resolution, ensuring high-quality segmentation of objects. Specifically, an efficient region-level top-down path (r-FPN) is introduced to incorporate complementary contextual and detailed information from different stages of image-level FPN (i-FPN). Then, to alleviate the increase of computation and memory costs caused by using large masks, we develop a Mask Switch Module (MSM) with negligible computational cost to select the most suitable mask resolution for each instance, achieving high efficiency while maintaining high segmentation accuracy. Without bells and whistles, the proposed method, namely DynaMask, brings consistent and noticeable performance improvements over other state-of-the-arts at a moderate computation overhead. The source code:

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