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Rethinking the Learning Paradigm for Dynamic Facial Expression Recognition

Hanyang Wang · Bo Li · Shuang Wu · Siyuan Shen · Feng Liu · Shouhong Ding · Aimin Zhou

West Building Exhibit Halls ABC 141


Dynamic Facial Expression Recognition (DFER) is a rapidly developing field that focuses on recognizing facial expressions in video format. Previous research has considered non-target frames as noisy frames, but we propose that it should be treated as a weakly supervised problem. We also identify the imbalance of short- and long-term temporal relationships in DFER. Therefore, we introduce the Multi-3D Dynamic Facial Expression Learning (M3DFEL) framework, which utilizes Multi-Instance Learning (MIL) to handle inexact labels. M3DFEL generates 3D-instances to model the strong short-term temporal relationship and utilizes 3DCNNs for feature extraction. The Dynamic Long-term Instance Aggregation Module (DLIAM) is then utilized to learn the long-term temporal relationships and dynamically aggregate the instances. Our experiments on DFEW and FERV39K datasets show that M3DFEL outperforms existing state-of-the-art approaches with a vanilla R3D18 backbone. The source code is available at

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