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Self-Supervised Geometry-Aware Encoder for Style-Based 3D GAN Inversion

Yushi Lan · Xuyi Meng · Shuai Yang · Chen Change Loy · Bo Dai

West Building Exhibit Halls ABC 032


StyleGAN has achieved great progress in 2D face reconstruction and semantic editing via image inversion and latent editing. While studies over extending 2D StyleGAN to 3D faces have emerged, a corresponding generic 3D GAN inversion framework is still missing, limiting the applications of 3D face reconstruction and semantic editing. In this paper, we study the challenging problem of 3D GAN inversion where a latent code is predicted given a single face image to faithfully recover its 3D shapes and detailed textures. The problem is ill-posed: innumerable compositions of shape and texture could be rendered to the current image. Furthermore, with the limited capacity of a global latent code, 2D inversion methods cannot preserve faithful shape and texture at the same time when applied to 3D models. To solve this problem, we devise an effective self-training scheme to constrain the learning of inversion. The learning is done efficiently without any real-world 2D-3D training pairs but proxy samples generated from a 3D GAN. In addition, apart from a global latent code that captures the coarse shape and texture information, we augment the generation network with a local branch, where pixel-aligned features are added to faithfully reconstruct face details. We further consider a new pipeline to perform 3D view-consistent editing. Extensive experiments show that our method outperforms state-of-the-art inversion methods in both shape and texture reconstruction quality.

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