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Diversity-Aware Meta Visual Prompting

Qidong Huang · Xiaoyi Dong · Dongdong Chen · Weiming Zhang · Feifei Wang · Gang Hua · Nenghai Yu

West Building Exhibit Halls ABC 252


We present Diversity-Aware Meta Visual Prompting (DAM-VP), an efficient and effective prompting method for transferring pre-trained models to downstream tasks with frozen backbone. A challenging issue in visual prompting is that image datasets sometimes have a large data diversity whereas a per-dataset generic prompt can hardly handle the complex distribution shift toward the original pretraining data distribution properly. To address this issue, we propose a dataset Diversity-Aware prompting strategy whose initialization is realized by a Meta-prompt. Specifically, we cluster the downstream dataset into small homogeneity subsets in a diversity-adaptive way, with each subset has its own prompt optimized separately. Such a divide-and-conquer design reduces the optimization difficulty greatly and significantly boosts the prompting performance. Furthermore, all the prompts are initialized with a meta-prompt, which is learned across several datasets. It is a bootstrapped paradigm, with the key observation that the prompting knowledge learned from previous datasets could help the prompt to converge faster and perform better on a new dataset. During inference, we dynamically select a proper prompt for each input, based on the feature distance between the input and each subset. Through extensive experiments, our DAM-VP demonstrates superior efficiency and effectiveness, clearly surpassing previous prompting methods in a series of downstream datasets for different pretraining models. Our code is available at:

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