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CNVid-3.5M: Build, Filter, and Pre-Train the Large-Scale Public Chinese Video-Text Dataset

Tian Gan · Qing Wang · Xingning Dong · Xiangyuan Ren · Liqiang Nie · Qingpei Guo

West Building Exhibit Halls ABC 235


Owing to well-designed large-scale video-text datasets, recent years have witnessed tremendous progress in video-text pre-training. However, existing large-scale video-text datasets are mostly English-only. Though there are certain methods studying the Chinese video-text pre-training, they pre-train their models on private datasets whose videos and text are unavailable. This lack of large-scale public datasets and benchmarks in Chinese hampers the research and downstream applications of Chinese video-text pre-training. Towards this end, we release and benchmark CNVid-3.5M, a large-scale public cross-modal dataset containing over 3.5M Chinese video-text pairs. We summarize our contributions by three verbs, i.e., “Build”, “Filter”, and “Pre-train”: 1) To build a public Chinese video-text dataset, we collect over 4.5M videos from the Chinese websites. 2) To improve the data quality, we propose a novel method to filter out 1M weakly-paired videos, resulting in the CNVid-3.5M dataset. And 3) we benchmark CNVid-3.5M with three mainstream pixel-level pre-training architectures. At last, we propose the Hard Sample Curriculum Learning strategy to promote the pre-training performance. To the best of our knowledge, CNVid-3.5M is the largest public video-text dataset in Chinese, and we provide the first pixel-level benchmarks for Chinese video-text pre-training. The dataset, codebase, and pre-trained models are available at

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