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DLBD: A Self-Supervised Direct-Learned Binary Descriptor

Bin Xiao · Yang Hu · Bo Liu · Xiuli Bi · Weisheng Li · Xinbo Gao

West Building Exhibit Halls ABC 333


For learning-based binary descriptors, the binarization process has not been well addressed. The reason is that the binarization blocks gradient back-propagation. Existing learning-based binary descriptors learn real-valued output, and then it is converted to binary descriptors by their proposed binarization processes. Since their binarization processes are not a component of the network, the learning-based binary descriptor cannot fully utilize the advances of deep learning. To solve this issue, we propose a model-agnostic plugin binary transformation layer (BTL), making the network directly generate binary descriptors. Then, we present the first self-supervised, direct-learned binary descriptor, dubbed DLBD. Furthermore, we propose ultra-wide temperature-scaled cross-entropy loss to adjust the distribution of learned descriptors in a larger range. Experiments demonstrate that the proposed BTL can substitute the previous binarization process. Our proposed DLBD outperforms SOTA on different tasks such as image retrieval and classification.

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