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Probability-Based Global Cross-Modal Upsampling for Pansharpening

Zeyu Zhu · Xiangyong Cao · Man Zhou · Junhao Huang · Deyu Meng

West Building Exhibit Halls ABC 161


Pansharpening is an essential preprocessing step for remote sensing image processing. Although deep learning (DL) approaches performed well on this task, current upsampling methods used in these approaches only utilize the local information of each pixel in the low-resolution multispectral (LRMS) image while neglecting to exploit its global information as well as the cross-modal information of the guiding panchromatic (PAN) image, which limits their performance improvement. To address this issue, this paper develops a novel probability-based global cross-modal upsampling (PGCU) method for pan-sharpening. Precisely, we first formulate the PGCU method from a probabilistic perspective and then design an efficient network module to implement it by fully utilizing the information mentioned above while simultaneously considering the channel specificity. The PGCU module consists of three blocks, i.e., information extraction (IE), distribution and expectation estimation (DEE), and fine adjustment (FA). Extensive experiments verify the superiority of the PGCU method compared with other popular upsampling methods. Additionally, experiments also show that the PGCU module can help improve the performance of existing SOTA deep learning pansharpening methods. The codes are available at

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