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Generalized Decoding for Pixel, Image, and Language

Xueyan Zou · Zi-Yi Dou · Jianwei Yang · Zhe Gan · Linjie Li · Chunyuan Li · Xiyang Dai · Harkirat Behl · Jianfeng Wang · Lu Yuan · Nanyun Peng · Lijuan Wang · Yong Jae Lee · Jianfeng Gao

West Building Exhibit Halls ABC 263


We present X-Decoder, a generalized decoding model that can predict pixel-level segmentation and language tokens seamlessly. X-Decoder takes as input two types of queries: (i) generic non-semantic queries and (ii) semantic queries induced from text inputs, to decode different pixel-level and token-level outputs in the same semantic space. With such a novel design, X-Decoder is the first work that provides a unified way to support all types of image segmentation and a variety of vision-language (VL) tasks. Further, our design enables seamless interactions across tasks at different granularities and brings mutual benefits by learning a common and rich pixel-level visual-semantic understanding space, without any pseudo-labeling. After pretraining on a mixed set of a limited amount of segmentation data and millions of image-text pairs, X-Decoder exhibits strong transferability to a wide range of downstream tasks in both zero-shot and finetuning settings. Notably, it achieves (1) state-of-the-art results on open-vocabulary segmentation and referring segmentation on eight datasets; (2) better or competitive finetuned performance to other generalist and specialist models on segmentation and VL tasks; and (3) flexibility for efficient finetuning and novel task composition. Code, demo, video and visualization are available at:

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