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Putting People in Their Place: Affordance-Aware Human Insertion Into Scenes

Sumith Kulal · Tim Brooks · Alex Aiken · Jiajun Wu · Jimei Yang · Jingwan Lu · Alexei A. Efros · Krishna Kumar Singh

West Building Exhibit Halls ABC 058


We study the problem of inferring scene affordances by presenting a method for realistically inserting people into scenes. Given a scene image with a marked region and an image of a person, we insert the person into the scene while respecting the scene affordances. Our model can infer the set of realistic poses given the scene context, re-pose the reference person, and harmonize the composition. We set up the task in a self-supervised fashion by learning to re- pose humans in video clips. We train a large-scale diffusion model on a dataset of 2.4M video clips that produces diverse plausible poses while respecting the scene context. Given the learned human-scene composition, our model can also hallucinate realistic people and scenes when prompted without conditioning and also enables interactive editing. We conduct quantitative evaluation and show that our method synthesizes more realistic human appearance and more natural human-scene interactions when compared to prior work.

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