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Neuralangelo: High-Fidelity Neural Surface Reconstruction

Zhaoshuo Li · Thomas Müller · Alex Evans · Russell H. Taylor · Mathias Unberath · Ming-Yu Liu · Chen-Hsuan Lin

West Building Exhibit Halls ABC 022


Neural surface reconstruction has been shown to be powerful for recovering dense 3D surfaces via image-based neural rendering. However, current methods struggle to recover detailed structures of real-world scenes. To address the issue, we present Neuralangelo, which combines the representation power of multi-resolution 3D hash grids with neural surface rendering. Two key ingredients enable our approach: (1) numerical gradients for computing higher-order derivatives as a smoothing operation and (2) coarse-to-fine optimization on the hash grids controlling different levels of details. Even without auxiliary inputs such as depth, Neuralangelo can effectively recover dense 3D surface structures from multi-view images with fidelity significantly surpassing previous methods, enabling detailed large-scale scene reconstruction from RGB video captures.

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