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3D-Aware Conditional Image Synthesis

Kangle Deng · Gengshan Yang · Deva Ramanan · Jun-Yan Zhu

West Building Exhibit Halls ABC 029


We propose pix2pix3D, a 3D-aware conditional generative model for controllable photorealistic image synthesis. Given a 2D label map, such as a segmentation or edge map, our model learns to synthesize a corresponding image from different viewpoints. To enable explicit 3D user control, we extend conditional generative models with neural radiance fields. Given widely-available posed monocular image and label map pairs, our model learns to assign a label to every 3D point in addition to color and density, which enables it to render the image and pixel-aligned label map simultaneously. Finally, we build an interactive system that allows users to edit the label map from different viewpoints and generate outputs accordingly.

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