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Equivalent Transformation and Dual Stream Network Construction for Mobile Image Super-Resolution

Jiahao Chao · Zhou Zhou · Hongfan Gao · Jiali Gong · Zhengfeng Yang · Zhenbing Zeng · Lydia Dehbi

West Building Exhibit Halls ABC 167


In recent years, there has been an increasing demand for real-time super-resolution networks on mobile devices. To address this issue, many lightweight super-resolution models have been proposed. However, these models still contain time-consuming components that increase inference latency, limiting their real-world applications on mobile devices. In this paper, we propose a novel model for singleimage super-resolution based on Equivalent Transformation and Dual Stream network construction (ETDS). ET method is proposed to transform time-consuming operators into time-friendly ones such as convolution and ReLU on mobile devices. Then, a dual stream network is designed to alleviate redundant parameters yielded from ET and enhance the feature extraction ability. Taking full advantage of the advance of ET and the dual stream network structure, we develop the efficient SR model ETDS for mobile devices. The experimental results demonstrate that our ETDS achieves superior inference speed and reconstruction quality compared to prior lightweight SR methods on mobile devices. The code is available at

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