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How to Negotiate Industry Offers in AI proposal

Nicole Bannon · Sameer Saddiqi

West 118 - 120


Join our social event to get the tools, information, and data you need to negotiate your next offer more confidently. Some of the topics we'll cover in a 2 hour period (including 45 mins for Q&A) are: Understanding the fundamentals of compensation in tech (particularly around equity, - bonus structures, etc.), data points for different levels/positions in AI, how to get over your fears of negotiating, how to decide which company / offer is right for you, how to negotiate without counter offers and without knowing "market value", how to respond to pushback from recruiters and other guilt tripping / lowballing / pressure tactics, how to avoid having an offer rescinded, how to negotiate deadline of an offer and walking through a timeline of the negotiation process for a new offer.

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