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CV Entrepreneurship – Founders, Freelancers & Friends

Ankur Kalra · Sarah Andrews · Matthew Flagg

West 220 - 222


CV Entrepreneurship: Founders, Freelancers & Friends comes to CVPR to help entrepreneurially minded members of the community find mentors, collaborators, and friends! Computer Vision is a vibrant and rapidly expanding field, and many folks are choosing to blaze their own paths outside of the corporate and academic worlds. Entrepreneurship presents its own unique mix of challenges and opportunities. Whether you’re already a business owner looking for others who can relate to your experience, or you aspire to venture out on your own in some way, this is the event for you. Everyone has something to share, and something to learn. Walk away with a few new friends, inspiring ideas, some helpful resources, and enthusiasm toward your own entrepreneurial path. The goal of “Each One, Teach One” is to help members of the community develop curated connections over areas of mutual interest. Whether it’s a specific research technique, how to magnify your impact, or how to accelerate your research experiments, someone at CVPR is passionate about sharing their point of view on that topic. Come to this event to meet them!

Everyone has something to share and something to learn. Walk away with a few new friends, some of whom are experts in areas you are curious about, and some of whom are curious about your areas of expertise.