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Black in AI Social

Daniel Ajisafe · Oluwabukola Grace Adegboro · Mennatullah Siam · Salomey Osei · ESTHER ODUNTAN · Samson Kirk-Koffi · Nene Azu · Issam Laradji · Blaise Appolinary

West 201


Africa has the second-largest population in the world with around 1.4 billion people as of 2022. With the increasing amount of visual data and the growing rate of its data footprint, the impact of extending Computer Vision research to solving local problems specific to Africa has become an ever-increasing need. This social event aims to bring together a unique community of people who self-identify as Black and/or from African origin or support the Black community at its first gathering in CVPR. Our main goal is to create a platform where Black researchers are comfortable meeting with other people without feeling out-of-place and to enforce a strong connection of like-minded individuals whose main or sub-goals is to empower the African community and Black Computer Vision researchers. This social, therefore, has several aims:

  • Empowering Black and African origin researchers by affirming their sense of belonging to the Computer Vision community specifically in CVPR.
  • Providing mentorship and guidance to young researchers from the Black and African origin community.
  • Allowing both Black and African-origin researchers and their supporters/allies to gather and network within the Computer Vision community.
  • Celebrating African grassroots in AI, especially in the field of Computer Vision.

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