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All you need to know about self-driving

Raquel Urtasun · Sergio Casas · Abbas Sadat · Sivabalan Manivasagam · Paul Spriesterbach · Ioan Barsan Barsan

West 302 - 305


A full day tutorial covering all aspects of autonomous driving. This tutorial will provide the necessary background for understanding the different tasks and associated challenges, the different sensors and data sources one can use and how to exploit them, as well as how to formulate the relevant algorithmic problems such that efficient learning and inference is possible. We will first introduce the self-driving problem setting and a broad range of existing solutions, both top-down from a high-level perspective, as well as bottom-up from technological and algorithmic points of view. We will then extrapolate from the state of the art and discuss where the challenges and open problems are, and where we need to head towards to provide a scalable, safe and affordable self-driving solution for the future.

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