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Boosting Computer Vision Research with OpenMMLab and OpenDataLab

Kai Chen · Conghui He · Yanhong Zeng · Songyang Zhang · Wenwei Zhang

East 12


This tutorial will introduce two open platforms which can significantly accelerate the research in computer vision ——OpenMMLab and OpenDataLab.

OpenMMLab is an open-source algorithm platform for computer vision. It aims to provide a solid benchmark and promote reproducibility for academic research. We have released more than 30 high-quality projects and toolboxes in various research areas such as image classification, object detection, semantic segmentation, action recognition, etc. OpenMMLab has made public more than 300 algorithms and 2,400 checkpoints. Over the past years, OpenMMLab has gained popularity in both academia and industry. It receives over 78,000 stars on GitHub and involves more than 1,700 contributors in the community.

OpenDataLab, which was initially released in March, 2022, is an open data platform for artificial intelligence, especially including a large number of datasets for computer vision.

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