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The Fourth Workshop on Fair, Data-efficient, and Trusted Computer Vision

Srikrishna Karanam · Nalini Ratha · Ziyan Wu · Mayank Vatsa · Richa Singh · Kuan-Chuan Peng · Michele Merler · Kush Varshney · Yiming Ying · sharath pankanti

West 217 - 219

Sun 18 Jun, 8 a.m. PDT

Keywords:  Responsible CV  

Workshop on Fair, Data Efficient and Trusted Computer Vision will address four critical issues in enhancing user trust in AI and computer vision systems namely: (i) Fairness, (ii) Data Efficient learning and critical aspects of trust including (ii) explainability, (iii) mitigating adversarial attacks robustly and (iv) improve privacy and security in model building with right level of credit assignment to the data sources along with transparency in lineage.

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