CVPR 2023
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Safe Artificial Intelligence for All Domains

Timo Sämann · Oliver Wasenmüller · Markus Enzweiler · Peter Schlicht · Stefan Milz · Oliver Grau · Thomas Stauner · Joachim Sicking · Claus Bahlmann

East 13

Mon 19 Jun, 9 a.m. PDT

Keywords:  Responsible CV  

The workshop focuses on bringing together researchers, engineers, and practitioners from academia, industry, and government to exchange ideas, share their latest research, and discuss the latest trends and challenges in this field. The workshop also aims to foster collaboration between different stakeholders, including computer vision researchers, machine learning experts, robotics engineers and safety experts, to create a comprehensive framework for developing safe AI systems for all domains.

Overall, the SAIAD workshop aims to advance the state-of-the-art in safe AI, address the most pressing challenges, and provide a platform for networking and knowledge sharing among the experts in this field.

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