CVPR 2023
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Visual Copy Detection Workshop

Ed Pizzi · Hiral Patel · Gheorghe Postelnicu · Sugosh Nagavara Ravindra · Giorgos Kordopatis-Zilos · Symeon Papadopoulos · Giorgos Tolias · Ioannis Patras · Priya Goyal · Cristian Canton · Matthijs Douze

East 12

Keywords:  Media Forensics  

The Visual Copy Detection Workshop (VCDW) explores the task of identifying copied images and videos, robust to common transformations. This task is central to social problems facing online services where users share media, such as combating misinformation and exploitative imagery, as well as enforcing copyright. Recently, copy detection methods have been used to identify and promote original content, and to reduce memorization in both predictive and generative models.

The workshop will explore technical advances in copy detection as well as the applications that motivate this research. The workshop will feature the Video Similarity Challenge, a copy detection challenge in the video domain, including presentations by challenge participants.

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