CVPR 2023
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The 3rd Workshop on Light Fields for Computer Vision LFNAT: New Applications and Trends in Light Fields

Hao Sheng · Yebin Liu · Jingyi Yu · Gaochang Wu

West 215 - 216

Sun 18 Jun, 1:30 p.m. PDT

Keywords:  Computational Photography  

4D Light fields can capture both intensity and directions of light rays, and record 3D geometry in a convenient and efficient manner. In the past few years, various areas of research are trying to use light fields to obtain superior performance internal structure information. Light fields have been widely used with remarkable results in some applications like depth estimation, super-resolution and so on. While the attempts in other applications like object detection and semantic segmentation are still in preliminary stage due to the lack of corresponding datasets, and incompatibility between redundant context information and limited memory. Meanwhile, more and more novel and powerful technologies like Neural Radiance Fields and Multiplane Image have been introduced into computer vision, there will be plenty of opportunities and challenges to incorporate them with light fields. To this end, this workshop focuses on two brand new topics. The first is to introduce the light field into more application areas, break through the bottleneck between rich structural information and limited memory, and achieve stable performance. The second is to explore how to introduce emerging technologies from other research fields into light fields to create new technological effects and drive competition. Besides, this workshop also hosts competitions about light field semantic segmentation and depth estimation to invite more researchers to the field.

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