CVPR 2023
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Photogrammetric Computer Vision

Ewelina Rupnik · Ewelina Rupnik · Ronny Hänsch · Mozhdeh Shahbazi · Jianzhu Huai · Rongjun Qin

West 211

Mon 19 Jun, 1 p.m. PDT

Keywords:  General track  

PCV2023 is a half-day workshop at CVPR2023 which provides a forum for original research in computer vision and photogrammetry. PCV2023 invites submissions of high-quality research papers concerning the generation, processing, and analysis of images, 3D point clouds and surface models, with the goal of enhancing accuracy and completeness. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:
- Feature extraction, matching, and sensor orientation and sensor fusion
- Structure from motion and SLAM
- Stereo (multi-view) and surface reconstruction
- 3D point cloud processing, segmentation, and classification
- Multi-temporal analysis, dynamic scene understanding
- 3D scene analysis and semantic segmentation

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