CVPR 2023
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Joint 3rd Ego4D and 11th EPIC Workshop on Egocentric Vision

Dima Damen · Kristen Grauman · Siddhant Bansal · Michael Wray · Giovanni Maria Farinella · Antonino Furnari · Rohit Girdhar · David Crandall · Jitendra Malik · Andrew Westbury · Kris Kitani · James M. Rehg · Bernard Ghanem · C.V. Jawahar · Yoichi Sato · Mike Zheng Shou · Sanja Fidler · CHRISTIAN MICHELONI · David F. Fouhey · Pablo ARBELAEZ · Jianbo Shi · Hyun Soo Park · Vamsi Krishna Ithapu · Lorenzo Torresani · Richard Newcombe

West 111 - 112

Keywords:  Video understanding  

This joint full-day workshop is the longstanding event that brings together the strongly growing egocentric computer vision community, offering the 3rd Ego4D edition and the 11th Egocentric Perception, Interaction and Perception (EPIC) edition. This year, 17 Ego4D benchmark and 9 EPIC benchmark winners and findings will be presented throughout the day, ranging from social interactions, episodic memory, hand-object interactions, long-term tracking, video object segmentations and audio-based interaction recognition. In addition to the recurring Ego4D and EPIC challenges, new challenges are associated with recently released benchmarks EgoTracks, PACO, EPIC-KTICHENS VISOR and EPIC-Sounds.
Additionally, the day will include accepted abstracts, invited CVPR papers and 5 keynotes by Andrea Vedaldi (Oxford and Meta), Hyun Soo Park (UMinnesota), David Fouhey (UMich) and Suraj Nair (Stanford). Check the program for details.

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Timezone: America/Los_Angeles