CVPR 2023
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The Fifth Workshop on Precognition: Seeing through the Future

Khoa Luu · Nemanja Djuric · Kris Kitani · Utsav Prabhu · Hien Van Nguyen · Junwei Liang

West 207

Keywords:  Video understanding  

Vision-based detection and recognition studies have been recently achieving highly accurate performance and were able to bridge the gap between research and real-world applications. Beyond these well-explored detection and recognition capabilities of modern algorithms, vision-based forecasting will likely be one of the next big research topics in the field of computer vision. Vision-based prediction is one of the critical capabilities of humans, and the potential success of automatic vision-based forecasting will empower and unlock human-like capabilities in machines and robots.

One important application is in autonomous driving technologies, where a vision-based understanding of a traffic scene and prediction of the movement of traffic actors is a critical piece of the autonomous puzzle. Various sensors such as cameras and lidar are used as the "eyes" of a vehicle, and advanced vision-based algorithms are required to allow safe and effective driving. Another area where vision-based prediction is used is the medical domain, allowing deep understanding and prediction of future medical conditions of patients. However, despite its potential and relevance for real-world applications, visual forecasting or precognition has not been the focus of new theoretical studies and practical applications as much as detection and recognition problems.

Through the organization of this workshop, we aim to facilitate further discussion and interest within the research community regarding this nascent topic. This workshop will discuss recent approaches and research trends not only in anticipating human behavior from videos but also precognition in multiple other visual applications, such as medical imaging, healthcare, human face aging prediction, early even prediction, autonomous driving forecasting, etc.

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