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3D-SceneDreamer: Text-Driven 3D-Consistent Scene Generation

Songchun Zhang · Yibo Zhang · Quan Zheng · Rui Ma · Wei Hua · Hujun Bao · Weiwei Xu · Changqing Zou

Arch 4A-E Poster #49
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Thu 20 Jun 10:30 a.m. PDT — noon PDT


Text-driven 3D scene generation techniques have made rapid progress in recent years. Their success is mainly attributed to using existing generative models to iteratively perform image warping and inpainting to generate 3D scenes. However, these methods heavily rely on the outputs of existing models, leading to error accumulation in geometry and appearance that prevent the models from being used in various scenarios (e.g., outdoor and unreal scenarios). To address this limitation, we generatively refine the newly generated local views by querying and aggregating global 3D information, and then progressively generate the 3D scene. Specifically, we employ a tri-plane features-based NeRF as a unified representation of the 3D scene to constrain global 3D consistency, and propose a generative refinement network to synthesize new contents with higher quality by exploiting the natural image prior from 2D diffusion model as well as the global 3D information of the current scene. Our extensive experiments demonstrate that, in comparison to previous methods, our approach supports wide variety of scene generation and arbitrary camera trajectories with improved visual quality and 3D consistency. Codes will be released.

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