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Jack of All Tasks Master of Many: Designing General-Purpose Coarse-to-Fine Vision-Language Model

Shraman Pramanick · Guangxing Han · Rui Hou · Sayan Nag · Ser-Nam Lim · Nicolas Ballas · Qifan Wang · Rama Chellappa · Amjad Almahairi

Arch 4A-E Poster #428
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Thu 20 Jun 10:30 a.m. PDT — noon PDT

Abstract: The ability of large language models (LLMs) to process visual inputs has given rise to general-purpose vision systems, unifying various vision-language (VL) tasks by instruction tuning. However, due to the enormous diversity in input-output formats in the vision domain, existing general-purpose models fail to successfully integrate segmentation and multi-image inputs with coarse-level tasks into a single framework. In this work, we introduce VistaLLM, a powerful visual system that addresses coarse- and fine-grained VL tasks over single and multiple input images using a unified framework. VistaLLM utilizes an instruction-guided image tokenizer that filters global embeddings using task descriptions to extract compressed and refined features from numerous images. Moreover, VistaLLM employs a gradient-aware adaptive sampling technique to represent binary segmentation masks as sequences, significantly improving over previously used uniform sampling. To bolster the desired capability of VistaLLM, we curate CoinIt, a comprehensive coarse-to-fine instruction tuning dataset with $6.8$M samples. We also address the lack of multi-image grounding datasets by introducing a novel task, AttCoSeg (Attribute-level Co-Segmentation), which boosts the model's reasoning and grounding capability over multiple input images. Extensive experiments on a wide range of V- and VL tasks demonstrate the effectiveness of VistaLLM by achieving consistent state-of-the-art performance over strong baselines across all downstream tasks. Code and data for training VistaLLM will be publicly released.

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