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Direct2.5: Diverse Text-to-3D Generation via Multi-view 2.5D Diffusion

Yuanxun Lu · Jingyang Zhang · Shiwei Li · Tian Fang · David McKinnon · Yanghai Tsin · Long Quan · Xun Cao · Yao Yao

Arch 4A-E Poster #382
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Wed 19 Jun 5 p.m. PDT — 6:30 p.m. PDT


Recent advances in generative AI have unveiled significant potential for the creation of 3D content. However, current methods either apply a pre-trained 2D diffusion model with the time-consuming score distillation sampling (SDS), or a direct 3D diffusion model trained on limited 3D data losing generation diversity. In this work, we approach the problem by employing a multi-view 2.5D diffusion fine-tuned from a pre-trained 2D diffusion model. The multi-view 2.5D diffusion directly models the structural distribution of 3D data, while still maintaining the strong generalization ability of the original 2D diffusion model, filling the gap between 2D diffusion-based and direct 3D diffusion-based methods for 3D content generation. During inference, multi-view normal maps are generated using the 2.5D diffusion, and a novel differentiable rasterization scheme is introduced to fuse the almost consistent multi-view normal maps into a consistent 3D model. We further design a normal-conditioned multi-view image generation module for fast appearance generation given the 3D geometry. Our method is a one-pass diffusion process and does not require any SDS optimization as post-processing. We demonstrate through extensive experiments that, our direct 2.5D generation with the specially-designed fusion scheme can achieve diverse, mode-seeking-free, and high-fidelity 3D content generation in only 10 seconds.

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