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EgoThink: Evaluating First-Person Perspective Thinking Capability of Vision-Language Models

Sijie Cheng · Zhicheng Guo · Jingwen Wu · Kechen Fang · Peng Li · Huaping Liu · Yang Liu

Arch 4A-E Poster #449
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Thu 20 Jun 10:30 a.m. PDT — noon PDT


Vision-language models (VLMs) have recently shown promising results in traditional downstream tasks.Evaluation studies have emerged to assess their abilities, with the majority focusing on the third-person perspective, and only a few addressing specific tasks from the first-person perspective.However, the capability of VLMs to "think" from a first-person perspective, a crucial attribute for advancing autonomous agents and robotics, remains largely unexplored. To bridge this research gap, we introduce EgoThink, a novel visual question-answering benchmark that encompasses six core capabilities with twelve detailed dimensions.The benchmark is constructed using selected clips from egocentric videos, with manually annotated question-answer pairs containing first-person information. To comprehensively assess VLMs, we evaluate twenty-one popular VLMs on EgoThink. Moreover, given the open-ended format of the answers, we use GPT-4 as the automatic judge to compute single-answer grading.Experimental results indicate that although GPT-4V leads in numerous dimensions, all evaluated VLMs still possess considerable potential for improvement in first-person perspective tasks.Meanwhile, enlarging the number of trainable parameters has the most significant impact on model performance on EgoThink.In conclusion, EgoThink serves as a valuable addition to existing evaluation benchmarks for VLMs, providing an indispensable resource for future research in the realm of embodied artificial intelligence and robotics.

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