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Domain-Specific Block Selection and Paired-View Pseudo-Labeling for Online Test-Time Adaptation

Yeonguk Yu · Sungho Shin · Seunghyeok Back · Minhwan Ko · Sangjun Noh · Kyoobin Lee

Arch 4A-E Poster #310
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Fri 21 Jun 10:30 a.m. PDT — noon PDT


Test-time adaptation (TTA) aims to adapt a pre-trained model to a new test domain without access to source data after deployment. Existing approaches typically rely on self-training with pseudo-labels since ground-truth cannot be obtained from test data. Although the quality of pseudo labels is important for stable and accurate long-term adaptation, it has not been previously addressed. In this work, we propose DPLOT, a simple yet effective TTA framework that consists of two components: (1) domain-specific block selection and (2) pseudo-label generation using paired-view images. Specifically, we select blocks that involve domain-specific feature extraction and train these blocks by entropy minimization. After blocks are adjusted for current test domain, we generate pseudo-labels by averaging given test images and corresponding flipped counterparts. By simply using flip augmentation, we prevent a decrease in the quality of the pseudo-labels, which can be caused by the domain gap resulting from strong augmentation. Our experimental results demonstrate that DPLOT outperforms previous TTA methods in CIFAR10-C, CIFAR100-C, and ImageNet-C benchmarks, reducing error by up to 5.4\%, 9.1\%, and 2.9\%, respectively. Moreover, we provide an extensive analysis to demonstrate effectiveness of our framework. Our code will be available upon publication.

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