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PartDistill: 3D Shape Part Segmentation by Vision-Language Model Distillation

Ardian Umam · Cheng-Kun Yang · Min-Hung Chen · Jen-Hui Chuang · Yen-Yu Lin

Arch 4A-E Poster #320
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Wed 19 Jun 10:30 a.m. PDT — noon PDT


This paper proposes a cross-modal distillation framework, PartDistill, which transfers 2D knowledge from vision-language models (VLMs) to facilitate 3D shape part segmentation. PartDistill addresses three major challenges in this task: the lack of 3D segmentation in invisible or undetected regions in the 2D projections, inconsistent 2D predictions by VLMs, and the lack of knowledge accumulation across different 3D shapes. PartDistill consists of a teacher network that uses a VLM to make 2D predictions and a student network that learns from the 2D predictions while extracting geometrical features from multiple 3D shapes to carry out 3D part segmentation. A bi-directional distillation, including forward and backward distillations, is carried out within the framework, where the former forward distills the 2D predictions to the student network, and the latter improves the quality of the 2D predictions, which subsequently enhances the final 3D segmentation. Moreover, PartDistill can exploit generative models that facilitate effortless 3D shape creation for generating knowledge sources to be distilled. Through extensive experiments, PartDistill boosts the existing methods with substantial margins on widely used ShapeNetPart and PartNetE datasets, by more than 15\% and 12\% higher mIoU scores, respectively. The code for this work is available at

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